Top 5 Best Beard Moustache Black Color as In India

Top 5 Best Beard Moustache Black Color as In India

Beards and mustaches have long been symbols of masculinity and personal style, embodying a sense of ruggedness, sophistication, and individuality. Among the myriad of styles and colors, the black beard and moustache stand out, exuding a unique allure that transcends trends and generations. Let's delve into the captivating world of black facial hair and explore its timeless appeal.

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1.List Of Beard Moustache Black Color

Facial hair has always been a canvas for self-expression, and among the myriad of colors and styles, black stands out as a timeless hue that exudes confidence and sophistication. The richness of black adds depth and character to beard and mustache styles, creating a striking visual statement that transcends trends and captures attention effortlessly. In this definitive list, we explore ten exceptional beard and mustache styles distinguished by their bold black color. From classic looks that evoke timeless charm to modern twists that redefine individuality, these styles showcase the versatility and allure of black facial hair in all its glory. Whether you're a connoisseur of grooming or simply seeking inspiration for your next facial hair adventure, this compilation is bound to ignite your fascination with the captivating world of black beard and mustache styles.

1.1 Buddha Natural - Beard & Moustache Black Color

Transform your beard and mustache with Buddha Natural Black Beard and Mustache Color. This premium-quality, natural formula offers a rich black hue that covers grays and provides a long-lasting, even color. Easy to use and free from harmful chemicals, it nourishes and enhances your facial hair, leaving you with a confident and dashing look. Embrace your true self with this exceptional beard and mustache color solution.

  • Manufacturer: Buddha Natural
    Price: Rs. 599 as per Buddha Natural Official Website on January 2024.
  • INGREDIENTS - Buddha Natural Black Beard & Mustache Color is made from Henna, Indigo, Amla, Ratanjot, Brahmi, Bhringraj, Yashada Bhasm, Loha Bhasm, Tambra Bhasm. It is free from artificial fragrance, synthetic preservatives, or chemicals.
  • Benefits:
    • Natural and premium-quality formula.
    • Provides a rich black color for beard and mustache.
    • Boosts confidence with a dashing and groomed appearance
    • Covers grays effectively.
    • Long-lasting and even color distribution
    • Easy to use and apply.
  • Reviews: 117 Reviews as per Buddha Natural Official Website on January 2024.
  • How To Use:  Mix the powder in water to make a paste and then apply the paste evenly to desired area from roots to tip. Leave it on for 30-40 minutes, and then rinse with water. Avoid using shampoo or conditioner for 48 hours and being natural, you may have to repeat up to 3 times on alternate times for complete color. Try avoiding copper/ iron utensils to mix the powder. Plastic containers are the best. Please do patch test once before applying the paste.
  • Payment Methods: Cash On Delivery/Prepaid (All online Method like UPI, cards, Bank etc.)
  • Link to Shop: Shop on Buddha Natural
  • Links of Other Platforms: Flipkart, Amazon, Distacart

Beard Moustache Black Color

1.2 Bombay Shaving Company - NATURAL BEARD COLOUR - BLACK

Introducing our Natural Beard Color in the timeless shade of Black. Crafted for the modern man seeking a distinguished and confident look, this beard color offers a seamless solution for enhancing and maintaining the allure of a well-groomed beard. Infused with natural ingredients, our black beard color ensures a rich, deep hue that blends flawlessly with existing hair, covering grays or achieving a bold, intense black finish. The easy-to-use formula provides long-lasting color, promising weeks of vibrancy without compromising on gentleness for your facial hair and skin. Embrace the sophistication and versatility of a black beard effortlessly with our natural color solution, tailored to redefine your style while preserving the natural look and texture of your beard.

  • Manufacturer: Bombay Shaving Company
  • Price : Rs.450 as Bombay Shaving Company per Official Website on January 2024.
  • INGREDIENTS : Henna and Amla
  • Benefits:
    • Formulated with natural elements for shine, vitality, and lasting color to facial hair.
    •  Functions as a hair tonic, revitalizing and combating premature greying.
    • Package includes colorant cream and developer to be mixed before application.
    • Gives a natural hue to graying beard, mustache, and sideburns, adding shine.
  • Reviews: 33 Reviews as per Bombay Shaving Company Official Website on January 2024.
  • How To Use: Make a Paste and apply On beard & Moustache and leave for 15 min
  • Payment Methods: Online Wallets, Net Banking, cards(Credit/Debit), UPI, Google Pay and Paytm Cash on Delivery.
  • Link to Shop: Bombay Shaving Company
Bombay shaving Company - NATURAL BEARD COLOUR licensed under CC BY 2.0
1.3 Beardo - Beard Color For Men

Beard Color for Men, a premium solution designed to redefine your look effortlessly. This innovative product offers a hassle-free way to achieve a perfectly groomed beard. Infused with natural ingredients and formulated to provide lasting color, Beardo Beard Color ensures impeccable coverage while maintaining the integrity of your facial hair. Its easy application process and quick-drying formula make grooming a breeze, allowing you to sport a well-defined, vibrant beard in minutes. 

  • Manufacturer: Beardo
  • Price : Rs.999 as Beardo per Official Website on January 2024.
  • INGREDIENTS : Arlacel 165, Light Liquid Paraffin, Cetostearyl alcohol, Permulene- TR 1, Water, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Stanate, Hydrogen Peroxide (50%), Otho Rhoonbirn Anid (108)
  • Benefits:
    • No ammonia or harsh chemicals.
    • Non dripping and no stain formula.
    • Complete grey coverage in 10 mins.
    • Lasts longer and safe for facial skin.
  • Reviews: No Reviews as per Beardo Official Website on January 2024.
  • How To Use
    • STEP 1​: Squeeze out the same amount of cream from cream colorant and developer in the mixing tray and mix the two ​
    • STEP 2: Apply on the beard with the applicator brush on the desired area using the flat part of the applicator brush.​
    • STEP 3​: Let it dry for 10-15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with wate and Beard wash ​
    • STEP 4​: Rinse out the beard, mustache and sideburns with lukewarm water and Godfather Beard Wash.​
  • Payment Methods: Online Wallets, Net Banking, cards(Credit/Debit), UPI, Google Pay and Paytm.
  • Link to Shop: Beardo 
Beardo - Beard Color For Men
Beardo - Beard Color For Men licensed under CC BY 2.0

1.4 Urbangabru - Beard Color

Beards are a great confidence booster! Just ask any beard enthusiast, and you’d know. Knowing that it isn’t easy to grow and maintain one’s beard, we have come up with a product that delivers on every front. Presenting our Beard Colour! Irrespective of the length of your beard, this product is sure to work its wonders.
This beard colour contains Henna Powder and guarantees complete coverage of patchy and grey areas. Free from chemicals, using this product is safe and will not cause skin burning, rashes or itching. And yes, you don’t need any shampoo or soap to wash off the colour. This product is a must-have in your men’s grooming kit.

  • Manufacturer: Urbangabru
  • Price: Rs.399 as per  Official Urbangabru Website on January 2024.
  • Benefits:
    • Easy-To-Wash
    • Ammonia Free
    • Covers Grey In Minutes
  • Reviews: 849 Reviews as per Urbangabru Official Website on January 2024.
  • How To Use: 
    • Step 1: Take required amount of beard color and make a paste with lukewarm water
    • Step 2: Apply this paste on beard and mustache with the help of a brush
    • Step 3: Allow the paste to stay there for around 15 -20 minutes
    • Step 4: Rinse it thoroughly with water
  • Link to Shop: Urbangabru 

Urbangabru Beard Color

Urbangabru - Beard Color licensed under CC BY 2.0


DeewalOris is 100% Plant-Extracted Beard Colour which offers freshness of centuries old proven herbal formulation.has no chemical at all and is purely safe. Enriched with hair nourishment ingredients which work to promote the strength and shine into beard.

  • Manufacturer: Deewal
  • Price: Rs. 640 as per  Official The Nature Pure Website on January 2024.
  • INGREDIENTS -  Magnifera Indica, Syzygium Aromaticum, Juglans Regia, Lawsonia Inermis, Centella Asiatica, Eclipta Alba, Emblica Officinalis,
  • Benefits:
    • Long-Lasting.
    • Safe & Natural.
    • No ammonia or harsh chemicals.
    • Easy to use and apply.
  • Reviews: No Reviews as per The Nature Pure Official Website on January 2024.
  • How To Use: Make a thick paste of DEEWALORIS powder with warm water. Apply paste evenly on all over the hair with brush by using gloves. Cover the hair with the cap provided and Rinse after 1 hour.
  • Payment Methods: Umoney & cash on delivery
  • Link to Shop: The Nature Pure
DEEWALORIS BLACK BEARD COLOUR POWDERThe Nature Pure - Black Beard Color Powder licensed under CC BY 2.0

2.Cultural and Historical Significance

Throughout history, black facial hair has held cultural significance across various civilizations. In many cultures, a full, dark beard symbolizes wisdom, maturity, and authority. For instance, in ancient Egypt, prominent figures often sported well-groomed black beards as a mark of status and wisdom. During different epochs, black facial hair styles have been associated with power, rebellion, and even spirituality. In the contemporary era, black beards and mustaches have transcended cultural boundaries, becoming an emblem of self-expression and personal style.

3.The Art of Grooming

Maintaining a black beard and mustache involves dedication and grooming expertise. Proper care involves regular washing, conditioning, and trimming to maintain a polished and distinguished appearance. Black facial hair tends to stand out more prominently, making meticulous grooming an essential part of achieving a well-kept and attractive look.

4.Embracing Individuality and Confidence

Ultimately, the appeal of black facial hair extends beyond trends—it's about embracing individuality and confidence. Whether it's a meticulously groomed beard, a precisely styled mustache, or a combination of both, the black color adds a layer of sophistication and allure that speaks volumes about personal style and self-assuredness.


In the tapestry of facial hair styles and colors, the black beard and mustache stand as timeless expressions of strength, style, and character. Beyond being a mere fashion statement, black facial hair represents a deeper connection to history, culture, and personal identity. Embracing the richness of black hues in facial hair celebrates not just a trend but an enduring symbol of masculinity and individuality. So, whether you're considering growing a black beard or maintaining a black mustache, relish in the elegance and allure that this timeless choice brings.

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